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The audio files are no longer on my server but are now hosted on firebase. So there shouldn't be any downtime like previous week :)

Due to a bandwith limits please don't try to BULK download audio files from firebase!!!.Just download them here:

Still, fill free to use the download button on the site ;). The problem is only when you try to download large amount(1000+) of audio files.

firebase site mirror.



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My responses

Problems with downloading audio
Some of you reported that the download function no longer works. Here is my response to that:

The problem is that browser does not allow downloading anything that is not on the same server. The audio files and the webpage are sadly due to logical and performance issues stored on a different servers. There are a couple solutions to this:

  • Move webpage to the server where audio files are stored. The problem with that is that the audio server is kinda slow and the webpage will take a while to load. Also I am hosting the server myself and is thus not very reliable
  • The second option is to move audio file to the current server. The problem here is that the server provider "neocities" does not allow storing audio files unless you become a supporter, but that costs $5 per month. I am not willing to pay that much per month but if you are I would gladly move audio files.
  • Find a different server provider. If anyone knows any free hosting or are willing to provide one please contact and I will happily move webpage there :)

Workaround: You can still download audio files by saving them manually. When the new windows with audio opens just press Ctrl+S (or open menu and select "Save Page as ...") and the audio will get saved.

Workaround if you are using Anki:If you are using Anki you can just copy audio URL and paste it into the filed and it will get downloaded automatically. You can get audio URL by right clicking "the play audio icon" and selecting Copy Link Location

I should really implemen a bug reporting feature instead of communicating like this :P.


Firebase audio files hosting


The audio files are no longer on my server but are now hosted on firebase. So there shouldn't be any downtime like previous week :)

Since there is a bandwith limit on firebase hosting please don't download audio files from firebase!!!.Just ask me and I will give you all of them. firebase site mirror.

Old updates:

(September 2020)

Huraayy The server is back! :)

.... But only http one so the audio from neocities site still won't work :/ .. am working on it tho :)

The audio doesn't work because I had to move the "audio server" and was to lazy to find a new place to set it back.

If anyone has a server that can host audio files that would be nice :)

I am probably setting the server back up today! probably .... haha

Oh and HUGE thanks to all the people (2 3 4 5 so far!) that donated! Love you <3

Thank's to tastky the site now has additional 1620 sentences from Tango N4 and N5 books!!! Thank you <333

v1.2: Add a donation button

(23.4.2018) Add a donation button. I am also working on releasing adding sentences to Anki to the public.

v1.1: Add around 4500 sentences from SatoriReader and implemented basic filtering

(10.10.2018) SatoriReader is a website resource with various japanese text with included native audio and audio timestamps. The sentences are extracted directly from text and are not standalone sentences like from other collections. They have problem of being to long or not making sense without a context. But generally a nice quality audio and a lot of sentences, so worth adding.
You can now also filter sentences depending on their length and source.

v1.0: Small redesign and finally out of Beta

(21.9.2018) I think this site has mature enough to be get out of beta and get its first official version. The redesign just made sure that the first page is not that messy.

v0.7: Added another 3000 sentences from Glossika

(19.9.2018) Collection of 3000 sentences from a language learning service called Glossika. The sentences are from the old program and not from the new web page based service.

v0.6: Added additional 3000 sentences from bunpro and lingodeer

(11.9.2018) Added sentences gathered from lingodeer APP and bunpro learning site. They both had sentences with native pronunciation. Most of the sentences are for beginners since this is their main audience. I sense that bunpro might add some more sentences in the future to cover the more advance grammar points.

v0.5: Added additional 4000 sentences, and removed duplicates .... again

(30.8.2018) Included all unique sentences from 10k anki deck! Now the collection has more than 26k sentences!! :) I also removed all the duplicate sentences that have the same japanese but different translation. In previous versions duplicate sentences were already removed but I managed to used older version of sentence parser that doesn't filter them out.

v0.4: Add sentences from anki 10k deck

v0.3: Thank you all for reporting sentences

A small thank you to all those people who reported sentences with wrong audio. With your help I was able to find a mistake and fix around 500 sentences! That wouldn't be possible without you. Thanks :)


This is a site where you can search for sentences with native pronunciation.

Sentences were gather from various sources:

If you know any more sources please contact me at I will try to add them as soon as possible, depending on how difficult they are to extract :P. Thanks!

Depending on how popular this site gets, I am going to implement the following features:

  • Searching japanese sentences with romaji
  • Adding sentences to Anki deck Done (just not public yet)
  • Advance search option (sorting, tags ...) Done Could also add sorting
  • Add furigana to sentences
  • Reporting sentences Done
  • Bug report interface Done
  • ...
  • Any suggestions?